Freelance writing for websites and SEO

Earning via the Internet is the most effective and gives the most tangible benefits when the amount of earnings is affected only by the time spent, adequate work and commitment to it. Independence in the possibilities of earning money gives considerable satisfaction and often decent earnings. One of these ways is to earn money by writing texts and articles. If you can write a lot, you have extensive knowledge on various topics and just like it – it’s worth thinking about how to make money on it. Of course, you can go to the humanities, journalism, write stories and longer texts, but the competition is huge and it is not necessarily worth subordinating all life to it. However, in your free time, you can try writing articles and other texts for the Internet. There is also competition here, but much less than trying to write texts to be published on paper.

You can earn different money depending on your writing skills and knowledge. The basis is, however, grammatical and spelling correctness, then of course adequate knowledge of the topics. You can earn money by writing short texts after min. 1000 characters on specific topics, with average knowledge of the issue – then we can earn a few zlotys for such a text. However, it is written quite quickly, in a few to several minutes. Texts of this type are usually suitable for SEO needs, so-called seo copywriting – when writing, pay attention to keywords related to the topic, etc.

If you consider yourself an expert in some field, you can easily earn a dozen to several dozen or more zlotys for one article of several thousand and over 10 thousand characters. Earnings are better, but such text must be fully professional, supported by solid knowledge and appropriate language.

Even better money can be earned by writing expert texts in English – the rates are several times higher than in zlotys, but you must know excellent English.

Alternative ways to earn money in this way are writing forum posts, creating website descriptions, writing reviews, and more. You can find this type of order even on the page

You can also try to write completely on your own, creating your own expert blog, website etc. Such an undertaking, however, requires some money and time investment, and it does not always bring the desired result. Therefore, I advise you to first gain some experience in this business before starting to act alone.

If you want to try this type of income – try first with the simplest texts and articles, you will gain experience and gain contacts for the future. There are several platforms that you can sign up for and write articles for very quickly:


If you gain some experience and clients you may think about applying for a full-time job as a content writer in some other company or just go freelance way.

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