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SeedingUp is the marketplace that makes the purchase and sale of text links simple. Text link advertising with direct HTML links is an effective form of online advertising that is becoming more and more popular. The text links take the form of text advertisements containing descriptive information and are predominantly placed in the editorial environment of a website. Text links with all kinds of placements and variants are offered on the marketplace. Besides the marketplace for buying and selling text links independently, teliad also provides a link building service.

Text links are one of the most efficient forms of online advertising because, by increasing search engine relevance, they target visitors and guide them to the web page. As opposed to other forms of advertising, such as sponsored links, you benefit with static links in complete independence of click rates or page views.

Success is measurable

Text link buyers can choose suitable offers from more than 25,000 URLs and 15,000 domains offered on our marketplace. The text link offers are subdivided into over 35 different categories, such as shopping, travel, health or finance and clearly arranged in a catalogue. In the international marketplace that is available in 5 languages, text links are offered in over 30 languages.

teliad - the marketplace for text links

SeedingUp is the ideal partner for text link trading: You benefit from a user-friendly, functional platform and proven control and checking systematics.


Earn more money with your website
Access to numerous prospective advertising customers
High flexibility and full freedom to  decide
Offer text links free of charge
Improve visitor numbers and link  popularity
Access to numerous high quality text link offers
High degree of control and many filter  and search options
Register free of charge and without  obligation

Link building service

Would you like to place the link building for your project in competent hands?

SeedingUp’s link building service includes a detailed analysis of the specified URL as the first step. Based on your information and the results of our analysis we will then buy content relevant text links from within our portfolio, taking your budget and specifications into account. Our service also includes supporting the campaign, e.g. by adjusting and checking the bookings made and managing the current campaign.

Know-how is the decisive quality factor in link building. The marketplace offers customers who already have some expertise and / or want total flexibility and independence the very best options for finding suitable text links. The independent marketplace offers customers who already have some expertise and / or want total flexibility and independence the very best options for finding suitable text links. In contrast, the link building service is tailored to the needs of anyone who wants to place link building for their project in competent hands in the long term, has a certain available budget and wishes to benefit from our many years experience in link building.

We are link building experts. Try us!

Specifying Campaign Details

The strategy for a link building campaign depends on various factors and the envisaged targets. The main points we will ask you about in our “Create a campaign” form are summarised below. We use this information to decide on the concept and support your campaign based on your targets. Please read the individual items carefully in order to avoid potential sources of error. If you have no clear ideas, you can omit details and leave the analysis and assessment to SeedingUp.

Target URL for the link building campaign
For which URL do you want to operate link building?

You must specify at least one URL for which the links should be set during the link building campaign. If you wish to have text links set for more URLs in this domain as part of this campaign, you can add existing URLs or alternatively provide descriptions. You can also start a separate campaign for other subpages of a domain. Please note that, in any case, you can only specify URLs in the same domain for a single campaign. (e.g., and

Budget / Budget procedure
What is your available monthly budget?

A monthly budget must be set for each campaign. The minimum budget is 150 €. SeedingUp charges an additional service fee of 10 %. The campaign has a minimum period of validity of 3 months, which must be completely paid for in advance. At the end of the minimum period of validity the campaign can be extended on a monthly basis using the pre-installed extension function. The budget is invoiced once a month for payment in advance. Please bear in mind that link building campaigns can only achieve real success in the long term.

The budget used is accurately settled in subsequent invoices on the basis of the bookings made. The specified budget serves SeedingUp as a reference value which can deviate slightly up or down (by 10% maximum). The reason is that the exact amount each month depends on the bookings made, and the prices of these can change at any time. A change in the link structure because of a slight change in price would not make sense.

Furthermore, you can choose whether SeedingUp should use all of the monthly link building budget immediately or over a period of two – three months (more gradual link building). Any unused budget will be accurately accounted for in subsequent months.

Please note: In addition, you can adjust or gradually increase the specified budget at any time in the future.

Campaign type
What should be the focus of the campaign?

The type of campaign can be accompanied by certain specifications, i.e. additional link building measures are carried out or this is your only link building measure for the specified URL.

Link structure
What does the existing link structure of your URL look like?

Does your URL already have an extensive link structure and should the focus be on further strengthening this? Or should the link structure be mainly built up slowly within the framework of this campaign?

Ranking / specifying keywords
What are your ranking goals?

You can decide whether you wish to focus on improving the ranking of certain keywords or whether you wish to improve the power of your ranking in general, something which is particularly useful with large portals.

If you wish to improve the ranking of certain keywords aligned to your OnPage factors, you can specify these keywords on the form. If you do not specify any keywords, SeedingUp will determine the appropriate keywords for your URL in terms of your OnPage factors and much more additional data.

PageRank distribution
Which PageRank areas should be favoured when buying?

Via PageRank distribution you can decide whether you prefer wide PageRank variation for example, or whether you only wish to buy high PageRanks within your campaign. Specifying the PageRank distribution is only meaningful if this is an accompanying campaign and you already have concrete ideas. Failing this, SeedingUp will pay attention to meaningful, content-relevant linking depending on the target URL and budget. Content-irrelevant links no longer lead to the desired results. With linking, the content relevance of two webpages is much more important than PageRank.

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