What is Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)?

Skrill is an online internet bank, similar to PayPal, but more often accepted by bookmakers around the world. Skrill was founded in 2001 under the name Moneybookers, and in 2011 underwent rebranding to the current name Skrill. The company has its headquarters in the British Isles and is licensed to operate in The European Union.

Skrill – how to create an account?

Registration is free at Only enter real data! In the registration process, we recommend that you enter the email address to which you registered your accounts with bookmakers, because email addresses sometimes have to be identical. Of course, it is usually possible to immediately change the address on your account on the bookmaker’s website, but it can also take some time.

An important point. During registration, you must select the currency in which your account will be operated, it may be euro, dollars or British pound. However, once selected, the currency cannot be changed later, so choose carefully. Generally, it’s best to choose the currency which you use the most.

How does Skrill work?

Skrill is an electronic wallet, so you can top it up with money and send this money to the bookmaker or other people, as well as back to your own bank account. Skrill, of course, does not work for charity and charges a small commission on some transactions.
Deposit money into Skrill

To deposit money into your Skrill account, simply send a transfer from your bank account (0% commission) or do it via a debit / credit card (1.9% commission on the value of deposited funds). The alternative is still Paysafecard, but here the commission will be up to 5.5%.
Transferring money to other people

All you need is an email address to send and receive money on Skrill from other users of this online bank. Sending money is associated with a 1.9% commission (the maximum fee is 20 euros), and receiving transfers is free.

Withdrawing money from Skrill

You can withdraw funds from your own Skrill account to, for example, a UK bank account, and the commission for such a transfer is EUR 2.95.

Verifying identity on Skrill

Usually, after prolonged active use from a personal Skrill account, we may be asked to verify our personal data. Such verification includes sending a scan or photo of two documents:

  • identity card, passport or driving license
  • confirmation of the place of residence, e.g. a telephone bill or bank statement (e.g. you can print the bank statement yourself and send a photo or scan of it)

After sending the documents, the verification should be approved within 5 business days.

Skrill physical debit card

One of the advantages of having an account at Skrill is the option of obtaining a MasterCard debit card associated with our Skrill account.

Since 2016, all new Skrill cards are contactless and can be used to pay in stationary stores in the UK, Europe and around the world, as well as in online stores. ATM withdrawals with a 1.75% commission are also available, but all other payments are free. The annual fee for using a Skrill card is 10 euros.

How to get a Skrill card?

Creating a Skrill debit card is very easy. All you have to do is log in to your Skrill account and apply for a card – you must have 10 euros in your account to be charged. After submitting the application and paying for the card, it should reach our home address within 10 business days.

The card will probably come by Royal Mail from Great Britain in the form of a priority letter, the envelope will contain instructions on how to activate the card and the card itself. In the next letter, which is sent 2-3 days apart, a letter with a PIN will come to us, of course for security reasons. Activation is a formality, you must log in to Skrill and follow the instructions on the letter.

Skrill card – fees

The main fee for using the Skrill card is 10 euros per year. In addition, there is a fixed fee when withdrawing at all ATMs in the amount of 1.75% and a small commission when exchanging currencies.

Payment on the Internet, e.g. in online stores, is free at Allegro. Equally free is a bank transfer or issuing a new PIN code if you want to change it.

Skrill card – limits

There are limits to using your Skrill card. The card can be withdrawn up to EUR 250 per day. When paying on the Internet, you can buy products or services for up to 1000 euros as part of one transaction.

What is our opinion about the Skrill card? It is worth it, the card works without any problems, you can pay with it online and in regular stationary stores.

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